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Udayam Construction a professionally managed construction firm caters to construction requirements of numerous section of the society.

The company management is experienced in the field of Construction & Architectural consulting specializing in Individual Houses, Apartments and infrastructural consulting. The company with its uniqueness in cost efficient and quality control measures, architectural excellence, innovative planning, has established itself in to a major player in the above areas.

Udayam Construction is headed by a team of senior civil engineers & architects, management consultant, besides regular supervisory staffs.

Udayam Construction has its office at its own premises at kotturpuram, the heart of the city at Chennai, India.

Quality Policy

UDAYAM CONSTRUCTION is committed to providing a quality service to its Clients which accurately interprets their requirements and satisfies their expectations in an innovative, economic and efficient manner. UDAYAM will achieve these aims through the operation of an Integrated Management System. This addresses the following key issues developed to which the Company is registered.

  • The maximization of client satisfaction.
  • Predictability of performance.
  • Collaborative working with our supply chain.
  • Continuous improvement of our supply chain.
  • Securing targeted opportunities through preferred methods of procurement.
  • The development and retention of people.

We shall ensure that all our personnel understand and adopt the company's policies in all areas and are able to perform their duties correctly through regular training and development programmes to keep the customer a hassle free and HAPPY OWNERSHIP

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